High Fashion Photoshoot

I am swooning over these looks at my last high fashion photoshoot!

Keep on reading until the end to see one of my absolute favorites in creative lighting! It’s so worth it, I promise. We started this high fashion phbotoshoot by getting a group of lovely vendors to work with. The Venue hosted us for this shoot, these gorgeous florals for our bride are designed by Focal Floral, the dress is from Margene’s and of course our bride is looking gorgeous and her name is Mariah.


High fashion photoshoot of a beautiful bride with gorgeous florals


To switch things up a bit, I added a ballerina in the mix. There was the cutest little ballerina with her as well but this photo ended up being my favorite of Jayleih. She is a dance teacher at Samantha’s Studio of Dance. Seriously such a talented and gorgeous girl.


High fashion photoshoot meets ballet

Taylor is so pretty and this blue is stunning on her. She is rocking makeup by the lovely Kellie. Taylor is one of my favorite models and one of our first shoots together ended up on channel 8 news as their Halloween special! Super fun right?


Add a backdrop to spice this look up for a high fashion photoshoot

Another gorgeous look by Kellie in one of my favorite photos from this high fashion photoshoot. This was so unique because there were lots of different lights being used, clearly you can see the pink and teal, but there was a normal light coming in to keep most of Kaitlynne’s skin tones natural. I love love love how this one turned out. How do you like it? Let me know in the comments, I’d love it!


Interesting lighting for this high fashion photoshoot look

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